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Sitorimon Announces New Album In the Works

DarkRooms5Starting this week I’ll be working on a new album. It will be built entirely at home, except for the vocal recording sessions and the challenge will be one song, one month. The beauty of it will be that I’ll be very sociable about its progress, unlike previous works.

Here is episode #1 explaining my reasons:

The YouTube vids will be bi-weekly to ensure they have decent content and that I don’t get bogged down in the project.

There will also be something entirely new that I’m excited about and that’s Dubbler. Dubbler is a social networking app that let’s you record up to 60 seconds of audio, attach a picture and post it out to the world. What I’ll be doing is 2-3 times a week I’ll be posting snippets of my progress along the way.

Listen to the first “Dub” here¬†and feel free to follow me although the updates will also be available via Twitter & here.

Lastly, you’ll have noticed the websites in the middle of receiving a new lick of paint. It’s been long overdue and I can’t wait to have something finally functional! RSS feeds, a BandPage music plugin and the Facebook page are already up, plus the media section now has links to all the currently available albums for download. More will be added and tweaked over the coming two weeks so bare with me if something looks broken – I’m probably updating it as you click!

Thank you everyone for your awesome patience and messages of support over the years. There may only be a few of you, but that makes each message all the more awesome for it.


Sitorimon – “Dander” Solo Version

A full “solo” version of the single “Dander” – the album version of which will be available to download for free from Monday. We’ll let you know where and when!

vBlog #14 – A Busy Afternoon With New Songs!

After 10 weeks with an awful cold / infection – I’m slowly on the mend but I couldn’t wait. Must. Get. New. Songs. Sorted!

First Day of Recording

Although this was put online ages ago – I completely forgot to place it here! Sorry!

vBlog 11

End of November – watch me go nuts with technology (and realise I forgot to save it all)

vBlog #9 ~ “Pictures of the World”

Taking lyrics I wrote over a decade ago and placing them to a tune Ive been tinkering with – it all slotted together over the Norway attacks.

Sitorimon ~ Vblog #8 (Piece by Piece)

With my equipment out of action, I’ve been busy honing a few of the songs. This is the solo version of “Piece by Piece”