Breaking down the song ‘Dander’ on Higher Plain Music’s Staccato Cast

I run the website Higher Plain Music and as part of a proof of concept that will be returning later in 2019, I asked a few musicians to come along and talk about their songs and break down stems. However, as it was an unusual request, I recorded myself explaining how the format would work so that musicians could understand the angle I was coming from.

I had forgotten that I’d uploaded that test episode so here it is below for your enjoyment. I talk through the song Dander, why it came into being and then how the song is constructed with individual instruments, vocal samples and so on. I hope it is interesting!

New Song Demo: “Piece by Piece”

You first heard a snippet of it way back in one of the first vBlog’s – here it is in its first demo format. The vocals are yet to sit right with me yet and the whole thing requires mixing etc but the main track is pretty much done. I hope you all enjoy the insight into the process of making a song !