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Tremors (A Live Rehearsal)

Just testing prior to some open mic’s and some big announcements coming Monday…

Sitorimon – “Dander” Solo Version

A full “solo” version of the single “Dander” – the album version of which will be available to download for free from Monday. We’ll let you know where and when!

“Not Quite Enough” A New Song Unveiled

The second song to be unveiled from the new album. The album version is quite close to this version.

Bjork “Unravel” Cover

On a side note, vBlog’s on the new album will kick start this week again technology withstanding!

vBlog #9 ~ “Pictures of the World”

Taking lyrics I wrote over a decade ago and placing them to a tune Ive been tinkering with – it all slotted together over the Norway attacks.

Gabriel (Cover)

A quick test of a cover? Why not! Now lets just hope the cold clears up 🙂

Runeology Anniversary Concert Available to Watch

Sitorimon’s anniversary concert to celebrate the one year rerelease of Runeology is now fully uploaded onto YouTube so click away at the clips below to hear some old favourites, some unreleased and some new material from the forthcoming album.