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“Roots” New Live Demo

When tasked with writing, wording, tracking and performing a song within an hour sometimes the floodgates open and everything comes out. As cathartic as it is a challenge, it’s far from perfect but the seeds are there for a powerful song in the future.

“Not Quite Enough” A New Song Unveiled

The second song to be unveiled from the new album. The album version is quite close to this version.

New Song “Backslap” Live Clip

Sitorimon debuted a new song live for an indie radio station today. The song “Backslap” is completely different on the album but we like to share (Si: and I don’t get much press!!!) so please find the file here to download and keep.

vBlog #9 ~ “Pictures of the World”

Taking lyrics I wrote over a decade ago and placing them to a tune Ive been tinkering with – it all slotted together over the Norway attacks.

Sitorimon ~ Vblog #8 (Piece by Piece)

With my equipment out of action, I’ve been busy honing a few of the songs. This is the solo version of “Piece by Piece”

New Song Demo: “Piece by Piece”

You first heard a snippet of it way back in one of the first vBlog’s – here it is in its first demo format. The vocals are yet to sit right with me yet and the whole thing requires mixing etc but the main track is pretty much done. I hope you all enjoy the insight into the process of making a song !


New Song “Only Human” Demo Available

“Only Human” was one of the first songs written for the new album and I’ve been desperate to show it off to everyone. Simplistic and emotional, even the low audio quality demo I think shows the potential of this track. I’d love to hear your comments!