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Sitorimon Announces New Album In the Works

DarkRooms5Starting this week I’ll be working on a new album. It will be built entirely at home, except for the vocal recording sessions and the challenge will be one song, one month. The beauty of it will be that I’ll be very sociable about its progress, unlike previous works.

Here is episode #1 explaining my reasons:

The YouTube vids will be bi-weekly to ensure they have decent content and that I don’t get bogged down in the project.

There will also be something entirely new that I’m excited about and that’s Dubbler. Dubbler is a social networking app that let’s you record up to 60 seconds of audio, attach a picture and post it out to the world. What I’ll be doing is 2-3 times a week I’ll be posting snippets of my progress along the way.

Listen to the first “Dub” here and feel free to follow me although the updates will also be available via Twitter & here.

Lastly, you’ll have noticed the websites in the middle of receiving a new lick of paint. It’s been long overdue and I can’t wait to have something finally functional! RSS feeds, a BandPage music plugin and the Facebook page are already up, plus the media section now has links to all the currently available albums for download. More will be added and tweaked over the coming two weeks so bare with me if something looks broken – I’m probably updating it as you click!

Thank you everyone for your awesome patience and messages of support over the years. There may only be a few of you, but that makes each message all the more awesome for it.


New Facebook Page

It’s about time we got book-faced so please visit and like the new Official page! Over time this will become much more used and its a quick way to keep in contact 🙂 Many thanks

Discussion Forum Added

While I know there’s not really much call for it, a Sitorimon specific forum has been added to the Higher Plain group forums (since I run all the sites!) so if you do have a question or want to chat about the music I make, please do pop over and post away. There’s plenty of other sub forums to keep you busy too. becomes

Apologies for the domain switch, but naughty Geocities appear to have become the most confused domain renewing/registering place on the planet! Thank goodness for wordpress!

2010 for Sitorimon will kick off this weekend with an EPK for Runeology’s world wide digital release to come in March. It’s only been sitting there for 3 years collecting dust and now that new projects are underway, I really want to get the original album out and about again, as just CD-R’s at live gigs isn’t what I wanted to do.

So while the actual date isn’t penned in stone, Runeology (complete with selections from Sessions 2006) will be ready to buy shortly. I also hope to start a v-blog about the makings of the new album within the next two weeks too.

Thanks for hanging on in,

Si has moved!

runeologybackgroundHello and welcome! At very, very, very long last Sitorimon has launched itself slowly onto a new website! The old is gone and this will quickly replace it. Over the next few weeks content will build up and this website will be here to stay! It’s great to be back!