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Tremors (A Live Rehearsal)

Just testing prior to some open mic’s and some big announcements coming Monday…

“Roots” New Live Demo

When tasked with writing, wording, tracking and performing a song within an hour sometimes the floodgates open and everything comes out. As cathartic as it is a challenge, it’s far from perfect but the seeds are there for a powerful song in the future.

Sitorimon – “Dander” Solo Version

A full “solo” version of the single “Dander” – the album version of which will be available to download for free from Monday. We’ll let you know where and when!

“Not Quite Enough” A New Song Unveiled

The second song to be unveiled from the new album. The album version is quite close to this version.

Acoustic Countdown to Launch: Piece by Piece

As part of the countdown celebrations to the new album launch in October, each week Sitorimon will pop up a piano/vocal rendition of each song. The album is far more produced than that but at least you’ll know what it’s like for the stripped down live acoustic shows.

Week 1: Piece by Piece

New Song “Backslap” Live Clip

Sitorimon debuted a new song live for an indie radio station today. The song “Backslap” is completely different on the album but we like to share (Si: and I don’t get much press!!!) so please find the file here to download and keep.