Piano Day 2021 – Free Track Download

Hello everyone,

I was noodling at 6am this morning working on Modus Vivendi when I realised it was Piano Day today. It happens on the 88th day of every year and lots of piano lovers make a track especially for it. I created a free improvisation which you can download below.

I’ll be in touch soon with a nice new website and goodies incoming 🙂


Breaking down the song ‘Dander’ on Higher Plain Music’s Staccato Cast

I run the website Higher Plain Music and as part of a proof of concept that will be returning later in 2019, I asked a few musicians to come along and talk about their songs and break down stems. However, as it was an unusual request, I recorded myself explaining how the format would work so that musicians could understand the angle I was coming from.

I had forgotten that I’d uploaded that test episode so here it is below for your enjoyment. I talk through the song Dander, why it came into being and then how the song is constructed with individual instruments, vocal samples and so on. I hope it is interesting!