Runeology: ReRelease 1st March 2010

After about two years at least of delay, “Runeology” finally gets a full digital release on 1st March 2010. “Runeology” will contain 12 studio tracks and 6 “live” tracks taken from Sessions 2006 which is now out of print.

A quick message from Sitorimon:

I’m so pleased that my first album finally will be available everywhere instead of just on the road when I was playing live. It means a lot, especially as I’m now gearing up to record the second one. An EPK for Runeology will be out next week I’d imagine and then they’ll be some exciting things kicking off from then. Thanks for everyones patience!



Listen to “Runeology” on!

DSCF0104cropsmallSitorimon’s first studio album recorded back in 2006/07 “Runeology” is finally aired in full for the first time via! 10 studio tracks, 1 unmastered and 5 tracks from Sessions 2006 make the completed album. The release date for actual online sales is yet to be announced but will be set to a low payment as Sitorimon stated “While I love all of these songs, a full production should be available in 2010 so I consider Runeology a forming pattern album – more of a progression of things to come.”

A YouTube concert uploading will celebrate Runeology as a pre-release and should be uploaded on the 1st of September.

Runeology is available to listen to here