Sitorimon hails from Harlow, Essex and is a singer/songwriter/musician that has his roots firmly placed in the alternative world. His music is varied and crosses over from electronica to ancient tribal pieces to just vocal and piano tracks. Sitorimon plays almost every instrument you’ll hear in the songs too making his work completely his own.

Originally from a sample and loop building background in his teen years, Sitorimon moved into creating full musical pieces in 2006 with The Dulcimer Demos EP and then a live “Sessions 2006” disc before releasing the long delayed début album “Runeology” in 2007. The album is a mish-mash of genres with a real one take feel and was reissued as a digital release in 2009 with some tracks from “Sessions 2006” and the “Sessions 2007” live compilations. The result is a mixing pot of ancient instruments, chants, electronica and piano folk music smouldering around a young and naive vocal. However, Sitorimon was never fully happy with the end result with the one take feel seeming right at the time, but not after the event and took a break from writing.

In 2009 “My Hill Is Not Silent” was released, a tribute to the Silent Hill games. A return to his roots of mixing and warping sound loops and samples proved popular and was well received and from there the musical itch has not left.

In starting to build a home studio, Sitorimon is now able to record and build music at a faster pace. 2012 saw the second vocal album “The Terms & Conditions To Unconditional Love” completed and it was released later that year. Built aside from vocal recordings at home, Sitorimon felt like he finally had reached the best that he could at that snapshot in time and is now working on a follow up in 2013.

MAP International is Sitorimon’s official charity of endorsement.

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