Wish Bone

I bet my life once, on a wish bone
I wished I’d never end up like the bird I’d just consumed
Just a puppet for the bigger fish, the biggest can of worms
My wish it coughed and choked then died
Where do I go? My paths no longer
Full of bodies showing me where not to go
The gap between where I am and where I want to be
Is so far I cannot jump to the other side
Of the being
Of my skin
The other side of the wish bone

Five thousand familiar face stare back
All of them carry scattered fragments of me
No human bridge can cross this path but
We can give you a backstage pass if you must
I offered a wish bone and threw it to the sun
Bound to me by a strand of hair
The sun returned my wish by growing 5000
Heads of hair that flowed like a stream
Of conscious being
Of skin
The other side of the wish bone

Each strand binds us together
Each strand will see out the bad weather
And still stand as tall as the mind
A bridge is made we will cross together
No more empty box of treasure
This is my own private rainbow
This is my being
My skin
My side of my wish bone

I turn around to see 5000 faces turn their backs on me
Who have I turned into – this isn’t even me