From the crest of my inner pain
I can feel it driving me insane
Like a vessel swimming my bloodstream
It’ll boil to extremes

On one scale I place my heart
On the other what drives us apart
And there I will hang in the balance
Because tomorrow never seems to come

It’s getting in my brain
I Sing a haters refrain
All the while my patience drains

All the mixed emotions that your soaring through
Pushes all the oxide away from you
I’m left choking on every word
As every endearment now seems absurd

When we share the same bed
My heads somewhere else instead
But autopilot fears to tread
Its getting into my brain
Overwhelming rage I can’t contain
All the while my happiness drains

So just go


Your face was a fixture upon my wall
A glance now is an order that is too tall
You’d hand me crumbs that were so very small
I guess you never felt a thing at all

I’m feeling empty inside
You’ve taken me for a ride
At least I can say I really tried
Now your into my brain
All your words sound the same
All the while my spirit wains

So just go


And I had all these hopes and dreams
Where love is easy and just as it seems
And we would lay in all day on sunday
And we would eat out spaghetti like Lady

Every part that you have ever touched
I have scrubbed til it bled too much
Even though I may be red raw
I’d rather be that than still be yours

I know that love isn’t smooth
But I still want an Island to move
Until then I have my truth and I’ll