For sometime I have been slaved like your mistress
While you vomit in my pores
Yet I went on dutifully, serenely
Now my name is all but whored
I’ll defend my name – I’ll stand my ground

You can only push me so far until I snap in the end
I will always be head held so high to me you’ll always be dead
I’ll defend my cloud – I’ll stand up to them

So strip me of my uniform and lay down my badge
I’ll hug the secrets close
Equip myself for the battleground
Victory tastes sweet to me

And I will twist the knife around
And I will grind you into sand
And I Will play chopsticks with your bones
And I will make sure you’re not around as

I’ll defend my name
I will come back again
I will smooth the lands again

I’ll defend my name
You will never quite walk the same
I will obliterate all of the pain

I’ll defend my name
I’ll come at you like a train
I am the army that you can not tame

I will defend my name
I am the ruler of my plain
This is the castle you can not cane
You will beg for mercy before the end