Pictures of the World

Pictures of the world are covered in dust
When will new light be shed on pages of time
Pages of crime / covered in grime / Paying the fine
Colours of the world are separating back
By waters so thin and brushes that cannot be cleaned
Of the dark shades we’ve been / torn at the seams / trampling dreams

The inks of the red will smoother the light
The shades of the blue will fade from the foreground
and we’re left looking at a portrait of ourselves featureless and unrecognised

So pictures of the world are painting the way
Will the artists fingers give us textures of life
Textures of time / Its feelings inside / its feeling alright
The imprints of the world will be left onto you
Watercolours will not drown you in paler hues
It’ll paint a future for you / a painting specially for you
And the dark skies turn blue