Only Human

Deep down inside my evolution
I have made my resolution
I will not bow down in a blaze of flames, nor glory, nor abyss
And as I fade I’ll fade to white
Tippytoeing out of sight
It’s a room of disbelief I leave behind, not national, not comprehending

Where did he go
Is he watching over me?
I hope he felt our love

We blaze, we burst, we collide into the sky
Watching everybody making sense of the trivial things
Sending down their love to envelope us
Reminding us that no matter what we are only beings

I never knew that everyday you struggle
Just sometimes you could use a cuddle
Now all I can do is guard the changing of the dawn into the dusk

A skies length away
I am ascending
You pixelate to dust

We blaze, we burn, we collide into the stars
We guard secrets that no living creatures know
We bathe in wishes, a celestial waterfall of dreams
And hopes disbanded but even still we are human

I felt all the love
I felt all the pain too
Can I do it all again?

We blaze, we burst, we collide into thousands of lives
Effecting people from life changing to trivial things
The bonds we make, the ones break, the bridges in between
This is exactly what being human really means

Only human – what it really means