Not Quite Enough

The toil and the tumble, the twist in the trust and the knot in my heart
The record is stuck and I’ve heard it before I’ve been played from the start

And I feel that the rope you give is just not quite enough to go far
And I feel that thread its made with will not bend nor will coil – just scar

Upon every orbit, your gravity drags me back round to your core
I need some momentum but this void leaves me sapped, I’m not sure I deserve anymore…

Yet I feel every stick that place is a burden to test our survival
But I feel this continual shift of the load unto me’s suicidal

Beside you. Alone. Why would anyone give me more?
Beside you. Alone. I’m nursing my perfect flaw.

That I feel I’m not quite good enough to be the all and everything for you
That I feel I’m well short of the mark but I assure you it’s the best I can do
So its time that not quite good enough is not quite good enough now for me
And I feel there’s a twist in the tail as I smile and say look at me now, look at me now, look at me now