Acoustic Countdown to Launch: Piece by Piece

As part of the countdown celebrations to the new album launch in October, each week Sitorimon will pop up a piano/vocal rendition of each song. The album is far more produced than that but at least you’ll know what it’s like for the stripped down live acoustic shows.

Week 1: Piece by Piece

New Song “Backslap” Live Clip

Sitorimon debuted a new song live for an indie radio station today. The song “Backslap” is completely different on the album but we like to share (Si: and I don’t get much press!!!) so please find the file here to download and keep.

New Album Snapshot Preview

Things are slowly getting there. Now to save up and record some vocals – once  done the album should be ready very shortly after for release.

New Album Progressing Nicely – Take a Listen!

2012 is finally allowing me to get some quality time getting the new album sorted. 12 songs are roughly tracked already and although there’s still a few songs I want to add in and some may not make the final cut yet, it’s finally feeling like things are coming together – albeit in a more electronic way than I originally planned and aimed for.

Below is a sample of the Title track to the album so you can hear that progress is most definitely happening!

Scrambled – New Track – Demo

It’s been a busy couple of days in the living room! Pictures of World, Piece by Piece, and unnamed track and Scrambled were all completed pretty much except for vocal treatment and mastering so I thought it’s time to show you one of the tracks. Here’s Scrambled.

vBlog #14 – A Busy Afternoon With New Songs!

After 10 weeks with an awful cold / infection – I’m slowly on the mend but I couldn’t wait. Must. Get. New. Songs. Sorted!

Amazon Distribution Delay

Just a quick note to say Runeology is currently unavailable on Amazon due to a distributor problem. The album is still available to purchase on iTunes, Rhapsody and Napster and we expect Amazon to be back to normal in the next week or so. Apologies 🙂