New Single “Dander” Released For Free Download


Sitorimon’s new single “Dander” is released today and is available for free download over at the all new BandCamp website. The lead single is taken from the upcoming album “The Terms & Conditions to Unconditional Love” which features 16 tracks and will be released next Monday. The single also contains a new instrumental track entitled “Epica” which did not make the album.

Sitorimon says “Dander is a particularly personal song for me. It’s like a train of brain spasms that I’ve had through deaths of relationships -in particular where the connection was not there and yet the other party just doesn’t have the guts or balls to do anything about it and I’m trying perhaps too hard to make something work. It creates an endless spiral that drives me utterly mad and shuts others out. Frustration has to pour out somewhere and that’s part of where this song is born from.”

Download the single for free here

Sitorimon – “Dander” Solo Version

A full “solo” version of the single “Dander” – the album version of which will be available to download for free from Monday. We’ll let you know where and when!

New Album Preview Clip 3

Album coming soon!

New Teaser Trailer

Many thanks to Beeple for his free video images.

Vocal session is next week.

Exact release date TBA!

New Album Teaser Trailer 1

Thanks to Beeple for the special effects.

New Facebook Page

It’s about time we got book-faced so please visit and like the new Official page! Over time this will become much more used and its a quick way to keep in contact 🙂 Many thanks

“Not Quite Enough” A New Song Unveiled

The second song to be unveiled from the new album. The album version is quite close to this version.