Facebook, Reverbnation, Reviews, Music Video, Gigs & Further Release Info!

Only Human - Sitorimon
Only Human – Sitorimon

It’s been a wee bit quiet on the website and that’s for good reason and here’s some of the reasons why:

~A new facebook page is up for some more mini notes of goodness: Join Here and keep up with my latest musing

~Reverbnation now has a fully functioning Sitorimon page too! He’s everywhere!

~First press review of the new album “Terms & Conditions to Unconditional Love” came in a few weeks back. Many thanks to Patrick at OSV for his kind words. You can read the full review here. Autotune is bad says I!

~Two music videos are in the pipeline for early 2013. I will keep you posted. The first involves string. Lots of it.

~A few gigs are planned for London, Bishops Stortford and Cambridge for early 2013. Dates as and when we find out. Also since the majority of you are from abroad (hello Finland!) they’ll be some Google Hangouts going on that’ll be viewable from the YouTube page. Livestream will also be included.

~”Terms & Conditions…” is currently only available at Bandcamp which is a fantastic website for indie artists. The end of January will see the album also available for digital download from Amazon, iTunes, Napster and such.

~There’s also some more new music coming your way soon both from the singer/songwriter and the composer perspective but let’s not get carried away 😉

It has been very hectic here of late so many thanks for baring with me. These things will be much more prolific and interactive in 2013.


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